A Strangely Isolated Place

a blog and record label for ambient and electronica artists

A bold, iconic logo for Ryan Griffin’s inspiring project.

A clean symbol that blends the concepts of place, isolation and context. Simple, versatile and easily adaptable to any application.

ASIP - Logo


Full-name variant.

My work on A Strangely Isolated Place

I was responsible for the design of the ASIP logo and iOS app icon. In Ryan Griffin’s words, “My brief to him wasn’t an easy one, but he nailed it.”.

Finished artwork

ASIP - Logo sizes

ASIP logo

Different sizes and variants.

ASIP - iOS icons

ASIP iOS icon

Different sizes, retina-ready.

ASIP Logo In The Wild

The ASIP logo was designed to be effective across a wide range of applications. Its simple design makes it instantly recognizable at any size, in any context.

Some examples of how it’s being used

ASIP - iPhone App

iPhone App

by @madebyhive.

ASIP - Cover Art

Cover Art

by @asip.

ASIP - Poster

Wooden CD Cases

by @kaginawa.

ASIP - T-shirt


by @asip.


The logo was designed in mid 2012. You can follow ASIP on

Skills and Tools

These are the skills and tools I used throughout this project.


The logo was designed in Adobe Illustrator, with the help of Astute Graphic’s SubScribe plugin for drawing tangent curves. The color, subtle effects and iOS icons were applied in Adobe Photoshop.

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