a small, agile web software company

A dynamic, iconic logo for a small, agile company.

The logo had to reflect the way Fautory operates, with agility and collaboration being at its core. The symbol depicts a growing and evolving “F” letter that is developed incrementally, through a series of iterations.

Fautory Logo

Fautory Logo

Final artwork.

My work on Fautory

I was responsible for the design of the Fautory logo and business cards.

Business Cards

Fautory - Business card

Fautory Business Card

Front (left) and Back (right).

Alternate Logo versions

Fautory - Dark Logo

Fautory Logo

White (reversed).

Fautory - Monochromatic Logo

Fautory Logo

White (reversed), single color.


The logo was designed in early 2014.

Skills and Tools

These are the skills and tools I used throughout this project.


The logo and business cards were designed in Adobe Illustrator, with the exception of the symbol, that was created in Inkscape due to its superior spiral tool. The photorealistic business cards mockups were generated in Adobe Photoshop.

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