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Maderas Portu

a leading wood supplier with over 80 years experience

A distinctive and easy-to-use site for a well-established, leading wood supplier.

Easy to manage structured, multilingual contents. Full-featured CMS based on WordPress.

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My work on Maderas Portu

I was responsible for the project analysis, prototyping and design. I also did the front-end and back-end development.

Products and Services

Maderas Portu - Product

Maderas Portu - Products

Product details.

Maderas Portu - Service

Maderas Portu - Services

Service description (cropped screenshot).

News and Offers

Maderas Portu - News

Maderas Portu - News

Latest news (cropped screenshot).

Maderas Portu - News item

Maderas Portu - News

News item.


This project was carried out in late 2011. The live site should be available at

Skills and Tools

These are the skills and tools I used throughout this project.


This site was designed in Adobe Fireworks.


The front-end was coded in HTML5 and CSS3 following OOCSS principles, using HAML for HTML templating and LESS for CSS preprocessing, with the aid of LiveReload for automated compilation and browser refreshing.

The back-end was developed in WordPress. The site makes good use of custom content types and custom taxonomies for an optimal content management experience. In the admin area, the data entry screens are tailored for each custom content type. The site is multilingual, powered by WPML.

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