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the Gipuzkoan rowing federation

A clean and straightforward site for a long-standing rowing federation.

Easy to manage multilingual contents, fully integrated with the corporate intranet. Custom CMS based on WordPress and a custom built MVC plugin.

Gipuzkoan Rowing Federation - Race

My work on Gipuzkoan Rowing Federation

I was responsible for the project analysis, prototyping and design. I also did the front-end and back-end development.


Gipuzkoan Rowing Federation - Calendar

Gipuzkoan Rowing Federation - Calendar

Expanded details view.

Gipuzkoan Rowing Federation - Calendar

Gipuzkoan Rowing Federation - Calendar

Compact view (cropped screenshot).


Gipuzkoan Rowing Federation - News

Gipuzkoan Rowing Federation - News

Latest news.


This project was completed in mid 2011. The live site should be available at

Skills and Tools

These are the skills and tools I used throughout this project.


This site was designed in Adobe Photoshop.


The front-end was coded in HTML5 and CSS3, following OOCSS principles.

The back-end was developed in WordPress. I developed a custom MVC WordPress plugin that simplifies the process of retrieving and displaying information from the client’s intranet, handling the routing of custom URLs to controllers, instantiating them and loading all the required resources (models, helpers and views) to process the request. The site is multilingual, powered by WPML.

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