Branding, Design and Front-end Development


a digital newsstand for basque press

A simple and focused digital newsstand for basque press.

Clean and intuitive. An easy-to-use service for admins, publishers and users alike.

Presst logo

Presst Logo

Final artwork.

Presst - Home

My work on Presst

I was responsible for the Presst branding, which included naming, logo and site design. I also did the front-end development.


Presst - Buy

Presst - Newsstand

Purchase item.

Presst - Buy

Presst - Newsstand

Purchase history and News archives.

Presst - Help

Presst - Help

Frequently Asked Questions.

Admins and Publishers

Presst - Admin Stats

Presst - Admin

Stats overview.

Presst - Admin Subscribers Stats

Presst - Admin

Subscriber stats.

Presst - Form

Presst - Admin

Login data.


This project was carried out for Akting Engineering, and it was completed in mid 2012. The site design and structure has seen several heavy and obtrusive modifications, made by third parties. It doesn’t look anymore like the original design.

Skills and Tools

These are the skills and tools I used throughout this project.


The logo was designed in Adobe Illustrator, whereas the site was designed in Antetype.


The front-end was coded in HTML5 and CSS3 following OOCSS principles, using Jade for HTML templating and LESS for CSS preprocessing, with the aid of LiveReload for automated compilation and browser refreshing.

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